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Representative Ed Whitfield

Representing the 1st District of Kentucky

Whitfield Calls EPA Rule “A War on Coal”

Mar 27, 2012
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield, (KY-01), Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power, released the following statement on today’s action by the Environmental Protection Agency that will put limits on greenhouse gas emissions from coal fired power plants.

“I continue to be outraged at this Administration’s war on coal. President Obama and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson are circumventing the will of Congress and the American people by moving forward with a regulation that threatens our most abundant, reliable, and affordable domestic electricity source - coal. 

“President Obama is also putting our economy at risk at a time when it is most vulnerable. Congress has already said no to regulating greenhouse gases because of the impact it will have on the economy.  What we are seeing is that EPA’s regulations already are having a devastating impact on jobs and fuel supply. We’re seeing coal-fired electricity plants close and will likely see electricity rates skyrocket because of EPA’s other regulations and the greenhouse gas standards will only make matters worse.

“The EPA’s outright assault on coal will have a devastating effect on Kentucky’s economy, as we will likely see more coal plants be taken offline and no new plants being brought online. This is why I led a bi-partisan group of over 200 Members of the House of Representatives in sending a letter to the President’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget calling for a stop to this overregulation. By letting his EPA wage this war on coal, this President is effectively standing by while jobs are lost and consumers face higher electricity bills.”